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Authentic Bohemian Fashion

Passion, inspiration, beauty, femininity, culture, and LOVE.

Add a modern twist to your everyday look with no-thought-needed styles! that strike a balance between relaxed and polished. Featuring pretty pastels and cheerful bohemian fashion florals to brighten up your wardrobe.

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Bohemian Fashion Styles

We offer a wide range of authentic bohemian fashion styles from clothing (pants, jackets, sweaters, crop tops, maxi dresses, kimonos, beachwear and more), to accessories; makeup bags, travel bags, oversized tote bags, carpet bags, beach towels, candles and more!

Known for our effortlessly feminine prints, Original Earthwear is a destination for flowy beach dresses, chic tie-dye prints and no-thought-needed styles!

If you think of yourself as a bit of a gypsy, then Bohemian fashion is the perfect way to express your earthy, artsy personality.

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  • Casual Long Sleeve Boho Maxi Dress

Explore authentic bohemian fashion styles

There’s no better way to look boho than with a pretty maxi. These mixed print dresses with the ruffle hems are a classic boho chic style. The off the shoulder neckline, bell sleeves, and suede block heel pumps move us into the present by aligning with current trends. A chic white bag with a structured shape gives this outfit more of an Haute-hippie rather than a hippie-dippie feel.

We choose clothes that perfectly hint at hippie styles of decades past, while offering a fresh take on modern fashion. A one-of-a-kind mix of the best of both worlds. Suitable for a variety of venues, beaches, parties, weddings, festivals, daily Wear. It pushes comfort style to a whole new level.

Embrace Earth Tones

Natural colors are also a key element of the boho-chic look. If you don’t care for loud colors, then you’ll love the quiet greens, gold, browns, tan, rust, taupes,  blues that are synonymous with this earthy style of dressing. Natural colored leather accessories are the perfect complement to these shades. High-quality leather in modern shapes keeps it chic.

“Dress shabbily, and remember the dress. Dress impeccably and remember the woman.”

Mix Prints

The best way to express your inner gypsy (I know you’re in there somewhere ) is to mix two prints. Small florals are sweet, feminine, and super bohemian fashion. They look beautiful combined with a geometric print within the fabric ( see maxi dress below). You can also mix prints in the same outfit. For example, mix a floral top with a paisley print skirt.

Original Earthwear loves Jackets. After all, if all you need is one piece to make a statement, make it a jacket.

Wear Flared Jeans

A well-fitting pair of flared jeans in soft faded denim color, or in white, is very west coast, very boho . They look super chic with a luxurious flowy scarf top, a tunic, or boho peasant top.

Bootcut or skinnies are fine too, but if you really want that retro note- a cool pair of flares is the way to go. The bonus? Flares are great when you want to balance out wider hips.

Add a Touch of Fringe

Fringe is fun, fringe is flirty, and fringe is a big part of the boho look. A fringe cardigan, a cute bag with a touch of fringe, or some statement sandals with fringe accents, or even fringe earrings are a great way to add a little boho to your look. To keep it classy, not trashy, and very now, stick to less fringe than more.

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Express Yourself with Artsy Accessories

Large standout pieces of handmade jewelry in natural materials like leather, turquoise, beads, and precious stones bring this look to life. Hoop earrings and long funky pendants are classic boho fashion: the more unique the piece, the better. Don’t be shy about size or mixing and matching styles and colors. Boho is eclectic.

Crocheted, tie-dyed and handcrafted items or accessories with an ethnic vibe are right on too!  A floppy felt hat is the ultimate accessory when it comes to bohemian fashion-inspired dressing.

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