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Elegant Modern Boho Chic Style

Rock the boho chic style in the most elegant way possible. Here are some the vital ingredients that your wardrobe needs…

Boho chic style

Embrace your inner free spirit with boho chic style? This bohemian style of fashion has once again become all the rage. And while some may roll their eyes at the idea of dressing like hippies, it’s important to note that boho chic style is more than that – hence the ‘chic.’

While there’s a certain amount of experimentation and individuality needed to pull off this dress sense, there are also rules that can stop you looking like a guest at a 70s fancy dress party.

The following guide can help you to stay away from the tacky traps that many fall victim to

Bohemian style maxi dresses

Boho chic style is the complete opposite to skinny jeans and tight leggings. It’s a fashion sense that promotes airiness and flowing fabrics.

Maxi skirts and swing dresses are two items of clothing that are essentials. They are the bricks and mortar of boho chic styles. The trick here is not to make these pieces of clothing too bold.

No huge frills or luminescent colours – other items of clothing can be used for doing the shouting.

Floral designs and lace are a common feature, but try to aim for one or the other. A maxi skirt or swing dress with too much going on will turn it into a major focal point when really you want the focus to be in the accessories.

Don’t be afraid to show a bit of skin whether it be arms or legs to stop you looking too frumpy. Your clothing shouldn’t feel baggy but free-flowing.

Bohemian Earthy Colors & Natural Tones

A key component to Boho fashion is to keep it looking natural. You should be avoiding colour tones that look artificial. In other words, no neon greens or intense reds.

Think about colours that remind you of the earth including muddy browns, leafy greens, and pastel colours.

Floral designs work because flowers themselves are natural. Patterns that seem too rigid and industrial don’t work. That said, various prints can look good – maybe it’s because they give off an animalistic look (although I’d be careful adopting leopard print!).

Make sure that your fabrics also look natural. Think cotton, linens, denims, silks, suedes, and furs. Nylons and polyesters are a no-no.

You want your clothing to look like it was hand-made, not stamped out by machines (although that doesn’t mean that there aren’t mass produced clothes out there that still look natural).

Thrift shops are great places to find those label-less pieces of natural clothing.

And of course, you can patch up old clothes. There’s a certain ruggedness in boho chic styles that makes the likes of ripped jeans and faded suede more appealing.

You can even go full Boho can make their own clothes if you’ve got the patience.

Boho Chic Multi layering

There’s an art to layering. Clashing patterns will completely ruin your look and make it look like Halloween came early.

Kimonos are one of the top outer layers that are iconic to the boho chic style. If you’re going for a wild and flowery kimono, make sure that the clothes beneath are a little more plain, ideally not patterned.

Don’t be afraid to show off those legs – a kimono over a short hemmed swing dress or denim shorts can give you that sexy edge.

Slouchy knitted sweaters, denim jackets, trench coats and tunics can be a great alternative as an overgarment.

boho chic style Warm Knitted Turtleneck Pullover
Warm Knitted Turtleneck Pullover

Not all these clothes are the easiest to pull off so wear what feels natural to you.

You can match the seasons with the thickness of this upper layer – in summer a tunic or kimono may be more suitable, while knitted sweaters and trench coats are definitely winter wear.

Accesorising Bohemian Style

This is where you get to really have fun. Accessories make up a big part of boho chic clothing. In fact, it’s one of the few types of fashion in which you can go to town on the bling.

Don’t be afraid to think big.  Lotus necklaces, bloom bracelets and hoop earrings can all complement the look.

Jewelry can look particularly fitting when it has a historical look to it such as bloom bracelets and Imperial necklaces. Elements of different cultures such as Buddhist, Celtic and Native American ancestry can also blend in well.

When it comes to headwear, floppy hats perfectly capture the bohemian vibes while staying sophisticated.

Headbands, headwraps, turbans, and fedoras can look too clichéd.

Unless you’re toning down everything else or going to a music festival, avoid these wild forms of headgear. Felt floppy hats are less of a dramatic statement piece.

You can also opt for a scarf. These can be used to complement or contrast any other pattern you’re wearing and are ideal in Autumn and winter.

Trendy Bohemian Scarf
Trendy Bohemian Scarf

Colourful scarves can go well with floppy hats and shades, although everything should be kept tame.

Lastly, there’s the bag to consider. You’ll most commonly see fringe bags and Bakit totes. These are another big statement piece that has become somewhat clichéd, but so long as you’re not going overboard with a headband and Buddha pendant, it should be tasteful.

Be aware that there are lots of handbags out there that borrow influences from your traditional fringe bag or Bakit tote. These might be a more subtle accessory, allowing you to go bolder in other places.

Boho Chic Style Earthy Footware 

You won’t be needing those stiletto heels. Bohemian fashion promotes a more flat-footed approach. Those wanting to give themselves a bit of height can still bring out the platform heels.

Cowboy boots can also add a few inches and can fit more into the rustic feel.

You’ll notice a lot of ethnic shoe types in Boho chic styles drawing from Roman, African and Native American styles. Gladiator sandals are a popular choice of summer shoe and go great when harmonizing with a kimono and shorts.

Remember to stay with those earthy tones. Neutral colours such as beiges and browns work really well. Avoid anything that shines or glitters as it will give too much of a glossy and urban feel.

Staying Simple, Fresh & Stylish

You don’t want to go overboard, so it’s important only to keep statement pieces to a maximum of two. This might include a colorful kimono and cowboy boots or a fedora and scarf.

Occasionally you can venture into three – as mentioned already the floppy hat, scarf and sunglasses are a killer combo, but it means the swing dress may need to be toned down to a plain lacy white or minimalist floral look.  

Classic Leather Mid-Calf Boho Boots 2
Classic Leather Mid-Calf Boho Boots 2

If the dress itself is the statement piece, consider pairing it up with a bag and cowboy boots but forgoing the headwear.  

Natural Makeup Makes a Boho Chic

As with your wardrobe, Boho is all about letting that natural side of your shine. This isn’t the time for glitter or intense lipstick. Focus instead on trying to create a warm glow that enhances the beauty already there.

Tinted moisturizers are great for giving your face that dewy look. Semi-matte products may be able to hydrate your face and get rid of dryness without adding too much of a shine.

Bronzers can help to give you that sun-kissed look. Stay subtle with creamy formulas that may have moisturizers within them – cakey powders and matte finishes might come across too heavy.

Smoky eyeshadow can often complement the woody colours of Boho chic style clothing. However, try to go with matte brown and smudge it slightly, rather than opting for severe black eye shadow. Eye contouring may work better than applying any eyeliner at all.

Meanwhile, for accentuating those luscious lips, why not try a tinted lip balm. This will give your lips that natural glow without making the colour of them too intense. If you are using lip stick, peach hues and nude colours are the way to go.  

Have fun choosing your boho chic style clothing & accessories from our store.



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